Friday, 9 January 2015

IVF care package

I have a beautiful friend who is starting IVF this year. Over the last few months I have learnt a little about the IVF process, how it works and how challenging it is and will be for my friend. 

I know that my friend has gone and will go through multiple ultrasounds, daily injections, blood tests, procedures for egg extraction and then again for implantation etc. She may endure difficult side effects from the drugs, the disruption to her personal life, and the fear, worry and hope that goes along with the entire process over and over. 

I am sure only those who have gone through IVF will truely understand what it is like and how they can best be helped by friends and family. I have spent considerable time pondering how I can help her this year and be a friend to her in this time.

Practical help with meals, babysitting and helping with school runs will help at different times this year. Offering quiet times (with coffee in hand!) to chat and talk about how she is going and be there and help her remain positive will also be important.

I have made a very simple 'IVF survival pack'.

I'd love any thoughts or advice about how to help someone begin IVF!

These are only my thoughts and opinions on what it might be like to go through IVF and I'd never assume to know or understand what is involved. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Lolly Christmas Tree

I love Christmas. I love the songs, the hustle bustle at the shops, the giving of presents and the general Christmas cheer. And traditions... I love traditions.

Growing up my Mum would make a small lolly Christmas tree using a small sterofoam cone, lollies and pins. When we had visitors over or people came to the door we were allowed to offer them a lolly. I can remember how exciting it was waiting for the doorbell to ring!

I made my first lolly tree two years ago but the kids weren't quite old enough. This year Miss 5 & Miss 3 are enjoying the race to the door ready to offer people a lolly!

What a lovely Christmas tradition focusing on giving and not recieving. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

DIY Ice-cream party in a box gifts!

I am always trying to find new and creative Christmas present ideas. 

Last year I made Christmas Cookies in a Jar.
This year I am giving some friends a 10min photo shoot in a park by a local photographer. 

I am also making 'Ice-cream party in a box' kits. Yum, doesn't that sound fun?!
What you need for the box:
1. A box
2. Ice magic or ice-cream sauce (seriously, is there anything better than ice magic?!)
3. Clear bags and sticky tape
4. A variety of toppings (maltesers, m&m's, marshmallows, silver balls, 100's & 1000's, gummi bears, crushed oreos etc).
5. Ribbon & Christmas coloured wrapping accessories
6. DVD
7. Disposable bowls & spoons
8. Ice-cream cones
9. Tissue paper
10. Optional ice-cream scooper

A view on the inside...

 All they need to add is ice-cream!!!


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