Monday, 30 March 2015

A 5th Frozen Birthday Party

Just like every other family with little girls, our household has been Frozen crazy this year. And unlike a lot of other parents, I am not sick of it yet which perhaps has something to do with the fact that we only just let the kids watch it for the first time a few weeks ago. 

Miss 5 has been planning this Frozen party for months (though it feels like years!). Both her and Miss 3 have been so excited and have helped me in anyway that they could with planning for the event! 

Seeing as though we are saving for an overseas holiday I needed to make sure I stuck to a strict budget of $100-150 all up including food.
Here is a look at our 'Frozen' party...

I found a free Olaf printable to use on the front door... isn't he cute! I went to Spotlight and asked if they had any Frozen posters that I could have for FREE and yes I walked out with a few of them (YES I was that Mum... asking for a freebie and then waiting in line for 20-30 minutes just to secure it for the party!)! Even though they weren't great posters I cut them out and got creative to make them a little more useful. I cut the 'Frozen Spectacular' out and stuck it on the door.
We decorated our lounge room with paper chains and then hung paper snowflakes from them. We made our own paper chains and snowflakes out of paper we already had which made it another FREE decoration.

We printed off a FREE Elsa papercraft and an Anna papercraft to use as decorations on the party table.
I also glued clear sparkly glitter on white styrofoam trees as we used these to decorate the table.
I lined the edge of the hallway skirting board with cut-outs from the FREE poster I snagged at Spotlight.
Miss 4 had a hair cut recently which meant her hair wasn't long enough to make an impressive 'Elsa' hair-do which she had requested (oops!) so I bought her a gorgeous hair piece from All The Small Things.
The outfit cost under $15 on ebay.
We had a photo booth station using a printable from etsy. I got some really cute snaps of the kids goofing around with these- so cute!
We had a pin the nose on Olaf which I drew by hand on cardboard I already had.
Troll slime with Frozen characters, paddle-pops and googly eyes.
We also decorated biscuits, played 'Frozen' statues and pass the parcel and of course we just had to sing along to 'Let it go'.

I made gift bags using white bags, frozen character print outs, ribbon and tuelle.
 I made 'build a snowman kits' for the children to take home.
 I also printed out and laminated bookmarks. Find these here.
 Lots of fantastic Frozen themed food!

And an Elsa Ice-Cream bar. YUM!

 A gorgeous Mumma Cakes DIY cake kit helped me create this masterpiece...
Miss 5 had an INCREDIBLE time.

You've been egged!

As I was scrolling the web for an Easter project I came across Fab n Free's blog with a great post on 'You've been egged'. I love the good old Easter egg hunt and to do it in this unusal and creative way is just exciting plus!
I printed off some wonderful free printables from Fab n Free's blog and bought some plastic eggs and some chocolate eggs. The plastic hollow egg represents the tomb that Jesus was burried in which became empty. 

We snuck out of the car and found twelve spots to hide our eggs. I then put the note under the doormat or on the door and texted/messaged our friends to let them know to check for a note!
I also love this printable because it draws our focus back to Christ and his dying on the cross for us. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

''Gift Baskets'' worth sharing

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. ~Charles Dickens

If you are at all like me you now how great it feels to receive presents. 

You would also then know, that the joy of getting is short-lived. 

However our lives are richer when we share and give. 

Truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy like no words can describe. 

Giving takes you out of yourself and helps you to expand beyond your wordly limitations. 

True joy lies in the act of giving without ever expecting something in return. 

Last week I put together two "gift baskets" for two people in my life. They were neither expensive or time consuming to make. I found two wicker baskets (op shops) and lined them with a tea towel. I made a fresh batch of scones and threw in some of my homemade strawberry jam. I wrote a small card to each lady offering encouragement and love. I stuck a small sticky note on the front that read: "This is a gift basket, don't return it but instead fill it back up and share it with another...". I am hoping that these baskets will get lovingly restocked and bless another person (and hopefully another, and another...) and bring joy to my friends.
How can you give? What can you do for someone else this week?


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