Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Roasted Spicy Chickpeas

Recently I have developed a LOVE for roasted chickpeas. LOVE.

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to find these treasures. Crunch and spicy are two of the things I love most! These baked chickpeas are both, plus a cheap and healthy snack. Perfect for those trying to stick to a budget. 

I cook mine in bulk and store in resealable bags at room temperature. They will stay nice and crispy for a few days. 

Rinse and drain four tins of chickpeas. Toss them with a little olive oil and some spices (I love garlic salt, cumin, corriander and chilli), then roast in the oven until crunchy (about 50-60mins at 180). 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Scrimping and Saving for the Overseas Holiday

We are in the middle of planning a 3-4 week holiday to the UK for next year... exciting! 

Hubby and I have only traveled outside of Australia once and that was to New Zealand so we are both itching to explore the UK and spend time with my brother (who is studying at Oxford). But with two adults, three children and one infant, it will work out to be an expensive holiday.

We have been busy re-allocating parts of our budget and finding ways to scrimp and save to afford this holiday (even though it is still eleven looooooong months away). 

The first thing we have looked at adjusting is our food budget. Here is some of the ways we are trying to save...

1). Menu plan: Over the last month I have kept to a fortnightly menu plan and have managed to save $200 a fortnight! I have made two fortnightly plans and swap to and from each for variety. I also double cook so that the next night I get a night off from cooking (see menu below).

Each of our menu plans meals can be adapted to be Failsafe, healthy (I am trying to loose weight!) and low in spices and other IBS triggers.

Here is our Fortnight A.

T- Wraps + BBQ chicken & salad (I make my own wraps as store bought are so expensive!)
W- Wraps + BBQ chicken & salad
T- Homemade hamburgers (I make my own meat patties)
F- Homemade hamburgers
S- Home-made pizza (I make my own bases)
S- Home-made pizza
M- Meatloaf & Yorkshire pudding & veg
T- French toast/Cauliflower bake
W- Sausages & salad
T- Fried Rice (brown rice)
F- Fried Rice
S- Zucchini slice/sizzle steak & veggies
S- Zucchini slice/sizzle steak& veggies
M-    ??? Mystery night ???

Soup: Lentil soup, Pumpkin soup, Minestrone (all home made!)

2). Aldi first: We have always shopped at Aldi although now we make sure that we always buy EVERYTHING possible there and always visit Aldi first before Woolies. 

We love Aldi and the only thing we haven't found to be fantastic is their fresh fruit and vegetables (you really need to eat it the day or two after purchase).

3). Only buy items when they are on special: I have made a chart comparing the cheapest items from Woolies/Aldi. This chart allows me to know when Woolies really has a 'special'. There are some items that we can't buy from Aldi (mostly items for our Failsafer) and they are usually the most expensive items on our list. We now won't buy items now such as shampoo, cereal etc unless they are discounted (and then I stock up to last a few months if expiry dates allow it).

4). Longlife milk: Yes, longlife isn't as nice as fresh milk. But it saves regular trips to the supermarket and the limits the chances that I will buy items that I don't have to have (Hellllooo impulse buyer here!).

What are the ways you save money?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Attentive: King Josiah

This week we have been learning about King Josiah and how he was 'attentive' to God and his Word (ABC Jesus Loves Me, Year 4 Week 6)

We read from the bible...

We listened to the B-I-B-L-E song which you can find here.

We watched a minute long story of Josiah which you can find here.

I googled 'scrolls' and showed the girls pictures of what scrolls looked like (they were curious!).
Paper bag scrolls: I wrote 'Josiah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord' in the middle of each paper bag. The girls scrunched up the paper bags to give them an 'old feel' and then carefully laid them out again. They used straws and sticky tape for the edges of the scrolls (I had to help them with this).
Hide n seek: The kids took turns hiding the scrolls and finding them again, pretending to be Josiah finding the 'book of law'. They looooved this!

Colouring-in: The girls coloured in pictures of Josiah and decorated our window with them.
Edible scrolls: The girls made scrolls using roll-ups and chocolate finger biscuits.

The girls also made paper plate crowns and pretended to be King Josiah.


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